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Working with Young Transgender Children: Clinical and Ethical Consideration

This seminar will offer education and support concerning different aspects of younger transgender populations.

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This seminar will offer a working definition of terms, including Transgender, Gender Identity, Gender Expression, Intersex, Gender Nonconforming, Non-Binary, Intersex, Gender Transition, and Ally. Language and terminology will be examined with an emphasis on using affirming language and avoiding offensive terminology.

We will examine concerns and risk factors and barriers to care that impact the younger transgender child (12 and younger) from a clinical and ethical lens. These risk factors include lack of access to gender-affirming care, increased incidence of anxiety and depression, bullying, and social and familial rejection, all of which can exacerbate mental health issues.

We will focus on clinical interventions and will explore ways on delivering evidence-based interventions from an ethical lens. This engaging session will be highly interactive with small group breakouts to explore case studies with fellow participants.

Identify three risk factors that may adversely impact TGNC children and youth

Identify three three risk factors that may adversely impact transgender children and youth; identify three concerns that parents of transgender youth may experience along with support strategies; explore evidence based interventions from an ethical lens via a case study of a hypothetical client."


About the presenter:

Susan Radzilowski received her MSW degree from The University of Michigan where she majored in Interpersonal Practice. For over 35 years Susan has worked as a Clinical Social Worker, primarily with children, adolescents, young adults, and their families.

Susan has a small, online, private practice (Radzilowski Counseling LLC) in Michigan where she focuses on working with transgender and gender questioning youth and their families. Susan is a Lecturer in the MSW at The University of Michigan and a Part-Time Faculty at Wayne State University. She also works half- time at a Child and Adolescent Gender Services program in SE Michigan. Susan is the Chair of the NASW Michigan Chapter Ethics Committee.

Susan has earned the NASW Michigan Certificate in Gender Identity and Clinical Concerns from NASW Michigan. She has also earned the NASW Michigan Certificate in Core Supervision. Susan is endorsed (by the Michigan Association of Infant Mental Health) in Infant Mental Health and Early Childhood Mental Health. She also holds a Michigan Approval as a School Social Worker.

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