Managing Change, Especially During This Unprecedented Time


NASWME Chapter 0 72

Gerri King, Ph.D

3 Clinical Category A CEUs pending approval by NASW NH.

Change - both positive and negative - can be very stressful. Even if it results in improvement, with every gain, there is a loss. Complicating the situation is the fact that stress is a main factor contributing to miscommunication, increased conflict, poor concentration, and low productivity. While change may be an inevitable part of life, under normal circumstances, the way organizations and employees can remain effective and healthy is by learning techniques for managing it. The skills required to help people process change with excitement, not threat, will be balanced with empathizing with those who resist. Adapting to our present day challenges will be a major focus.

The session will be both didactic and experiential. A “hands-on” approach will give participants an opportunity to address specific workplace issues and will provide them with practical skills that are immediately applicable.


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