Trauma 101

NASWME Chapter 0 39

Rebecca Day, LICSW

This workshop has been approved for 2 formal CEUs by NASW VT. Approval #1033

This training is meant for new clinician or case managers who want to gain a better understanding of trauma and its impacts on the mind and body. The goal is to provide basic knowledge of trauma, systems of trauma, the ACE study, and how to respond in a more trauma sensitive way



 Define trauma and why it is important to learn about trauma

 Describe events that individuals may experience as traumatic

 Describe how individuals might experience effects of trauma throughout life

 Discuss the findings of the ACE study and the long-term impacts of trauma on the body

 Describe ways in which community agencies and organizations may re-traumatize the people they are intended to serve

 Describe the impacts of toxic stress and identify the underlying causes of behavioral responses

 Recognize the importance of trauma-informed practices.



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