The Transformational Force of Metaphor and Intuition: Eliciting Agency, Self-efficacy, and Strength

NASWME Chapter 0 38

When we go about the business of helping clients increase self-efficacy, agency and strength, often the focus touches on how things go wrong rather than on what can go right. In this didactic and experiential workshop, we will explore the way metaphor (simile and allegory) embedded in the client’s story, and “mini-intuitions derived from the social worker’s inner wisdom, become transformational forces for enhancing psychosocial outcomes in three significant therapeutic dimensions.

1.) Restructuring of negative cognitions.

2.) Transforming painful emotions and maladaptive perspectives (especially those derived from trauma) into resources for coping.

3.) Integrating dissociated cognitive strengths and behavioral skills.

Attendees will be introduced to a novel way of intuitively eliciting and purposefully using key pieces of the client’s story to create extended metaphors that can anchor positive cognitions and bring about new meaning.

We will also discuss the way utilization of intuition and metaphor enhances the differential use of self and can be used with traditional evidence-based modalities.


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