Trauma Transformation: Stress, Stress Mitigation and Resilience


NASWME Chapter 0 704

Dave Melnick, LICSW

2 Clinical CEUs approved by NASW VT. Approval #1025

In this webinar, we will examine how our mindsets, both implicit and explicit, are driving forces of our actions, interpretations and perceptions, particularly when working in high stress situations with people impacted by traumatic stress. Webinar content will provide unique perspectives about stress, traumatic stress, and resilience in the context of our lives both pre-pandemic and while working through the impacts associated with COVID-19. A special emphasis will be on ways to mitigate stress at an individual and workforce level. The 5 Key Practices for trauma transformation will be introduced.

Managing Change, Especially During This Unprecedented Time


NASWME Chapter 0 594

Gerri King, Ph.D

3 Clinical Category A CEUs pending approval by NASW NH.

Change - both positive and negative - can be very stressful. Even if it results in improvement, with every gain, there is a loss. Complicating the situation is the fact that stress is a main factor contributing to miscommunication, increased conflict, poor concentration, and low productivity. While change may be an inevitable part of life, under normal circumstances, the way organizations and employees can remain effective and healthy is by learning techniques for managing it. The skills required to help people process change with excitement, not threat, will be balanced with empathizing with those who resist. Adapting to our present day challenges will be a major focus.

The session will be both didactic and experiential. A “hands-on” approach will give participants an opportunity to address specific workplace issues and will provide them with practical skills that are immediately applicable.

The Transformational Force of Metaphor and Intuition: Eliciting Agency, Self-efficacy, and Strength

NASWME Chapter 0 539

When we go about the business of helping clients increase self-efficacy, agency and strength, often the focus touches on how things go wrong rather than on what can go right. In this didactic and experiential workshop, we will explore the way metaphor (simile and allegory) embedded in the client’s story, and “mini-intuitions derived from the social worker’s inner wisdom, become transformational forces for enhancing psychosocial outcomes in three significant therapeutic dimensions.

1.) Restructuring of negative cognitions.

2.) Transforming painful emotions and maladaptive perspectives (especially those derived from trauma) into resources for coping.

3.) Integrating dissociated cognitive strengths and behavioral skills.

Attendees will be introduced to a novel way of intuitively eliciting and purposefully using key pieces of the client’s story to create extended metaphors that can anchor positive cognitions and bring about new meaning.

We will also discuss the way utilization of intuition and metaphor enhances the differential use of self and can be used with traditional evidence-based modalities.

Neuroscience Directed Treatment for Domestic Violence Cases

Live Webinar

NASWME Chapter 0 1813

This training will be conducted via live webinar for six two-hour sessions. Participants will be able to ask questions, converse with trainers and other participants, and get their required DV training from their own computers.

Mod 1 - May 5th 9 - 11 am EST

Mod 2 - May 5th 11:15 am - 1:15 pm EST

Mod 3 - May 12th 9 - 11 am EST

Mod 4 - May 12th 11:15 am - 1:15 pm EST

Mod 5 - May 19th 9 - 11 am EST

Mod 6 - May 19th 11:15 am - 1:15 pm EST

You may choose to participate in any or all of the trainings.

Please note, to avoid having participants pay the handling charges of six separate tickets, we have set the first training date as the date of the training. After registering for the number of trainings you wish to attend, you will be asked which ones you are choosing (Modules 1 - 6). Modules 5 & 6 also qualify for Ethics.

If you prefer to pay by check, please send it to NASW ME, PO Box 5065, Augusta ME 04332. Please let us know if you are an NASW Member and which modules you will be attending. You will receive confirmation through Eventbrite once we register you.


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