Neuroscience Directed Treatment for Domestic Violence Cases LIVE WEBINARS

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This training will be conducted via live webinar for six two-hour sessions. Participants will be able to ask questions, converse with trainers and other participants, and get their required DV training from their own computers.

Mod 1 - Nov 2nd 9 - 11 am EST

Mod 2 - Nov 2nd 11:15 am - 1:15 pm EST

Mod 3 - Nov 9th 9 - 11 am EST

Mod 4 - Nov 9th 11:15 am - 1:15 pm EST

Mod 5 - Nov 16th 9 - 11 am EST

Mod 6 - Nov 16th 11:15 am - 1:15 pm EST

NASW NH 2023 JEDI Conference

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A Force for Change

Creating a brave space for social service providers to reflect upon our work, uplift our clients and communities, and further develop our cultural competence with humility.

Boundary Crossings and Boundary Violations

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Social workers must expect to encounter boundary challenges in practice and be prepared to respond to them with ethical decision-making. Join Jacob D. Stone, ACSW, LSW (Ret.), for a refresher on the Code of Ethics (and more!) in this webinar on the ethical management of boundary challenges. Attendees will learn to pinpoint relevant sections of the Code, to utilize a problem-solving algorithm to resolve ethical dilemmas, and to understand the ways in which technology has created new categories and possibilities for boundary violations.

Leveraging the Power of Teams: The Team as Secure Base Model

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The Team as Secure Base Model, developed by Dr. Laura Biggart and her team at the University of East Anglia, draws from social workers’ experiences and their articulation of what helps create trust as a foundation for effective team working. This workshop will introduce the model, and provide opportunities for participants to reflect on how they can behave in a way to promote a secure base for their team across five different domains: availability, sensitivity, acceptance, cooperation, and team belonging. This workshop will include a tremendous amount of information about supervision and the supervisory roles in relation to this model and the importance of leveraging teams as a supervisor. The workshop is designed to be relevant to frontline staff and supervisors, and to include information for both lenses throughout.


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